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The device replaces the blind eyes, the mute speech and paralyzed allowing to communicate with the environment: inventions young scientist from Bialystok, Petros Psyllos. After I was in the finals of the largest technology competition for students - Imagine Cup - a job offered to him now even Microsoft! However, so far, he refused to Petros. - There's all bald from stress! - laughs genius.

Brilliant device that invented Petros Psyllos recognizes not only objects and people, but even sex. The young inventor says what that stands before him a stranger woman, that our reporter. - There's a thousand categories of basic, fundamental subjects. And if the machine does not know something, then it connects to the brain installed on the server and are already benefiting from 49 million category - does not hide the pride Petros Psyllos, whose friends call Peter.

Although it has only 22 years old, he has already constructed several formidable inventions. It is the antithesis of the stereotype of genius, locked in his own world scientist. Cheerful, open, witty. He collects colorful shirts, he likes to play the ukulele and has boundless energy. - I was born on the Greek island of Chilos, famous singer, Homer - smiles Petros, who moved to the Polish age of six, and two years before he began to construct the first unit. - Grandfather eg. Using the mower, so I made my own. And I thought that mine is better than Dziadkowo - recalls. And his mother shows us the drawings of several years of genius: batteries, motors. - It was great that a young child has the skills! So at electronics stores began to buy him a plate of self-assembly, and he played it. And when you went to school and learned to read, giving him the most fun magazine. It was his paradise - says Petros mother, Barbara Łazewska-Psyllos. The first major appliance, then winning competitions, he began to build as a teenager. - It's a virtual glove that turns gestures into words - demonstrates one of them. The glove has created four years ago. Even in high school! He also created device to control using brain waves. They struggled to him numerous - also abroad - universities. But he chose Bialystok Polytechnic. The university offered him the best conditions: scholarship, unlimited access to the lab, housing and individual teaching mode. - He does not deal with trivial matters. Pleased the man, the last blind people, which is trying to help with their urządzeń- says rector of the Technical University of Białystok, Lech Dzienis.

Though he could look for wealthy investors who wyłożyliby money on lucrative business, Peter went to the nursing home and talked to its director. As a result, constructed a device tailored to specific individuals that support their communication with the environment. Now it also has another idea. He wants to implement a business project. After that, however, to raise funds for further research devices for the visually impaired, artificial eye. Peter is the winner of several awards in Polish and international competitions. This year, he was in the finals of the Imagine Cup, the largest student technology competition organized by Microsoft. - Tempting offer to move to Seattle actually fell. There would study and work - admits without hiding pride. But this - it seems a dream - an offer rejected. -Trochę Came across campus and saw that all there, even at my age, they are bald. This is because it is very stressed by. They live and work at Microsoft. All the time they are at work! - Explains his decision. However, there swears that never leave. - Maybe in a few years - he shrugs. - It's a brilliant young man. For sure it will be a well-known figure in the world - there is no doubt Rector Dzienis.

Peter also found time to popularize science. Coming soon on YouTube starts its channel, which with his usual grace will be closer laymen secrets of knowledge. We keep our fingers crossed for him.

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