Petros Psyllos in Wynalazcy Przyszłości (Inventors of the future)

for: Canal+ Discovery / Wynalazcy Przyszłości

Inventors of the Future 2, episode 2. In the second episode we will see an artificial eye and speaking a glove for the blind; speech synthesizer and educational robot called Photon.


Speaking glove

The speaking glove was created as a tool to improve people who are not communicating with the outside world. It also helps the disabled with the use of a variety of devices.

After entering the text, so far in Polish and English but in the future also in other languages ​​it goes to the database. Then, thanks to the combination of a glove with an electronic arm attached to a wheelchair - it is a remotely controlled prosthesis controlled by the glove system.

The author of the invention is Petros Psyllos, a young Polish scientist. His designs are dedicated to people with disabilities.



Based on the MATIA project - multi-sensor vision system for the blind, demented and Alzheimer's - is a small, mobile vision module that can be attached to the chest, waist or head.

The main function of the system is the verbal and musical description of the environment. The system informs about the size and spatial distribution of obstacles and their characteristics. The deep neural networks used will describe precisely any object using audiodescript. The musical description is an additional channel through which the user will be warned of obstructions. When there is a threat situation, MATIA will automatically call for help and connect with the carer. MATIA also allows you to read texts, detect pedestrian crossings, inform about unusual situations, present products in a shop, determine the color of traffic lights or recognize banknotes.

The author of the invention is Petros Psyllos.


A speech synthesizer that allows people paralyzed to communicate with the world.

The synthesizer works like the device of famous scientist Stephen Hawking, but it is much cheaper and simpler to use, and can work with any tablet.

The author of the invention is Petros Psyllos.