Will robots take our work from us? Inventor Piotr Psyllos and Beata Tadla [video]

source: Radio ZET

- All you need is 300 likes on Facebook for artificial intelligence to know more about us than the wife - said Piotr Psyllos, inventor, innovator, programmer in the broadcast of Beata Tadla. This is the weekend at Radio ZET. Artificial intelligence, which we are afraid of, already surrounds us - convinced the inventor Piotr Psyllos in an interview with Beata Tadla on Radio ZET. Find out the current state of artificial intelligence development and what awaits us in the future.

Artificial Intelligence - what is it?

Petros Psyllos said in the broadcast of Beata Tadla that the term "artificial intelligence" was created in 1956, and most of the algorithms that are currently used come from the last century.

Piotr Psyllos compared the current state of development of artificial intelligence to the archipelago of islands. "Artificial intelligence is now a cluster of different methods. Some are good in bots that communicate with people, others - in recognizing images, which we use in cars that drive themselves. There is no single coherent artificial intelligence, which in addition would have intentionality" - assured Piotr Psyllos on Radio ZET.

And further: "What we see in movies, that is, robots that move, recognize faces, pave the way, set an action plan, this is a very distant perspective."

Artificial intelligence: threats

Some are worried that when the "archipelago islands" merge, they will become a real threat to humans, including on the labor market. The scientist present at Radio ZET admitted that these fears are partly justified.

- Not everyone will be able to become a robot personality designer. The mass of people will not have what to do. They'll get a basic income, all equally, but doesn't that make people go crazy? There may be chaos, extreme movements are created, aiming to remove this artificial intelligence - predicted Piotr Psyllos in an interview with Beata Tadla in the broadcast This is the weekend on Radio ZET.

As the second threat arising from the development of technology, the inventor pointed to the use of technology to pursue particular interests. "Just 300 likes on Facebook is enough for artificial intelligence to know more about us than my wife. This is the so-called profiling, which was used, among others, during the last presidential election in the United States" - said the scientist.

On the other hand, Piotr Psyllos argued that the benefits of the development of artificial intelligence can be multiplied. Among the most important of them he pointed out:

- helping disabled people communicate with a computer, thanks to which a disabled person can control the whole house;
- helping judges to pass sentences;
- support for doctors (now artificial intelligence is more accurate than doctors by 9% in detecting lung cancer);
- interactive psychotherapy.

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