He helps the blind. University Student appreciated in Paris [Onet.pl]

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After unveiling a mobile device for the blind, he returned with prestigious awards. The invention made by a student from the Białystok University of Technology made a splash in the French capital.
The young inventor from the Białystok University of Technology wants to help the blind and visually impaired. His project Matia,

whose task is to describe the world with words, music, and tactile stimuli, achieved success at the 115th Exhibition of Inventions Concours Lepine in Paris. He won the gold medal at the exhibition and was awarded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in France.

The prestigious inventors exhibition in Paris lasted 10 days, and the student of the Bialystok University of Technology was very impressed: “The very visit here is inspiring. I established new contacts that will allow for the development of my projects. At the fair there were many exhibitors, including from Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and the United States”, says Petros Psyllos.
His device, targeting the blind and visually impaired, consists of 14 sensors. “It allows a blind person to get an idea of their environment, recognize objects and obstacles, read lyrics, detect objects and emergency situations, as well as call for help”, says the spokesman for Białystok University of Technology, Dorota Sawicka.
“The innovation is based on the application of the latest achievements in the field of deep neural networks to describe the world using music and words and the use of a virtual desktop to interact with the user”, adds Dorota Sawicka.
Petros Psyllos is a recipient of a scholarship from the program Diamond Explorers (Odkrywcy Diamentów) which is funded by the Bialystok University of Technology and companies from north-eastern Poland.



za: onet.pl