A student of the Białystok University of Technology on the list of the most talented Poles [Onet]

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Petros Psyllos, a student at Białystok University of Technology, was on the list of 30 most talented Poles who were under 30 years of age, according to the Polish Forbes ranking. Previously, he was already in the "30 Under 30" of the American edition of the magazine. Petros is the constructor of MATIA's artificial eye.

Psyllos is a 23-year-old innovator with Polish-Greek roots. "MATIA System" is his most famous achievement. This is a mobile device for the blind and visually impaired. Serves them for orientation in space. Recognizes objects and obstacles, detects and analyzes situations that may be a threat to them.

Facilitates reading the texts, using the telephone in public places, if necessary call for help. It works in such a way that it registers the surroundings, with the help of artificial intelligence, it recognizes objects and relationships between them, creating a narrative for a disabled person. Tells you where the obstacles are and what is happening around.

Matia in Greek (Petros was born on the island of Chios) means eyes. It's a small device that can be attached to a shirt. It is equipped with cameras that record the surroundings and send images to a mobile phone. It helps not only the blind, it can also be used by Alzheimer's patients.

MATIA was awarded last year at an exhibition of inventions in France and in the United States. Petros Psyllos represented the Białystok University of Technology and Poland during the world finals of the prestigious Microsoft competition - Imagine Cup. In March 2016, he won the competition of the Minister of Science and Higher Education "Best of the Best!" And in June he won the Polish edition of the "Innovator Under 35" competition organized by "MIT Technology Review".

In addition to MATIA, Psyllos can boast of other, earlier inventions. He is the winner of the Podlasie Brand Podlasie Voivodship Award for 2016, a scholarship holder of the Diamond Explorer Program, initiated by the Białystok University of Technology. "Speaking of a glove", ie his first invention, he constructed as a student of the Electrical Schools Complex in Bialystok. Another - Neutrognet, also dedicated to people with disabilities.

Currently, as he says, he is improving the MATIA system by transferring it to a mobile phone. On television also runs a program called "Catch startup", where he searches for and presents the best Polish startups.


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