Petros Psyllos: I do not attach importance to rankings

source: Polish Radio Jedynka

Petros Psyllos is a 24-year-old inventor who was recognized in the Forbes ranking as one of the top 30 European innovators. - I do not attach importance to rankings, these are only awards - he says. Currently, Petros Psyllos is working on artificial intelligence.

-Artificial intelligence is an archipelago of islands in the ocean of our ignorance - he says. - I deal with artificial neural networks that are built in the image of our brain. I use them to see obstacles in the surroundings, for example in the case of devices for the blind - he adds.

The guest of the program also deals with networks whose task is to create art, that is to write songs or perform plays.
- Text generated by artificial intelligence looks like written by a human - he says.
What else does Petros Psyllos do? We invite you to listen to the entire recording.


Full interview in Polish Radio:,Petros-Psyllos-Nie-przywiazuje-wagi-do-rankingow