Technological singularity - interview in the Business Insider program about modern technologies

Ray Kurzweil believes that it will take place before 2045. He based his forecasts on the results of a thorough analysis of technology development trends. The technological progress is then to accelerate so much that it will not be comprehensible by the human mind. The so-called strong artificial intelligence that will surpass us in every way.

We will then have 100 brains quantum computers in our pocket. Thanks to this technology, various methods of human improvement will be created, which will result in a new species of Homo Sapiens Digital. Our brains connected to the computer will gain enormous efficiency and our senses will be expanded. Fantomatics will allow us to travel in virtual universes that may have more than 3 dimensions. Of course, if we want, after paying the right amount of money, we will move to such a virtual world and stay in the computer's integrated circuits forever, living in eternal happiness (if only the programmers do not make a mistake when running the appropriate script).

Of course, there are many doubts about the possibility of constructing a strong artificial intelligence.

When asked by Muller and Bostorm in 2012, scientists predict that with a 50% probability, machines will reach human intelligence by 2040. 90% of this is to happen in 2075. There are also many doubts related to the peculiarity, e.g.
- we are not sure whether the mere exponential (as in Moore's law) increasing the speed of processors and the amount of memory will lead to intelligent machines - maybe a completely new quality is needed ...
- the increasing computational complexity of such a system may hinder us and this is where quantum computers come in handy,
- current experiments with artificial intelligence show diminishing profits - first, when we develop it, the improvement in effectiveness is large, but then we encounter difficulties and the increase in the "wisdom" of algorithms is not so fast,
- maybe we will collide with some limitations that will be related to the laws of physics and we will not create conscious machines.

We talk about this and other predictions, current trends and possible variants of technology development together with the philosopher Tomasz Rodowicz and journalist Łukasz Grass in the Business of the Future program. I invite you to watch with Business Insider Polska and mBank Polska!