Piotr Psyllos: creators of artificial intelligence should strive to help people. Interview on Polish Radio

source: Polskie Radio 24

- Social robots, using artificial intelligence, improve our communication with the computer, they can talk to us and execute commands. They can be used in nursing homes or restaurants - said Piotr Psyllos, an innovator and IT specialist in Polish Radio 24.

- I think that in 10-15 years such social robots will become popular. I believe that the creators of technology and artificial intelligence should pursue the humanization of technology and help other people - said the guest of Polish Radio 24.

One of thirty

The guest of Małgorzata Raczyńska-Weinsberg was recognized by the American "Forbes" as one of the 30 greatest European innovators. He received the award for overall performance, in particular for the use of artificial intelligence. - Two years ago I was working on algorithms that support blind people in spatial orientation. The idea was that artificial intelligence, put into a box equipped with sensors, could describe the world in front of a blind person using the so-called audio description, i.e. a verbal description. Having the receiver in the ear, the blind person heard what his surroundings look like - he said.

Petros Piotr Psyllos also talked about his project, the Laboratory of Human Technical Support http://dostepnosc.pl. - In this laboratory, we use technology to make the world around us more accessible. In this way, we helped those who lost their speech. The technology allows them to emit their own voice and facilitate communication with the environment - he emphasized.

Archipelago of artificial intelligence methods

The guest of Polish Radio 24 also assessed the challenges facing the creators of artificial intelligence. What we have is a cluster of certain methods, like an archipelago of islands. Unfortunately, it cannot be combined to create one universal, artificial intelligence - he assessed.

In the conversation also about the dangers caused by artificial intelligence, about whether we are threatened by scenes like "Terminator" and about what transhumanism is. We invite you to listen to the broadcast.

Source: https://polskieradio24.pl/130/8303/Artykul/2426112,Piotr-Psyllos-tworcy-sztucznej-inteligencji-powinni-dazyc-do-pomocy-czlowiekowi