Artificial intelligence. Threat or amenity? Interview on Polish Radio

source: Polskie Radio 24

Recently, there are more and more reports in the media about new skills and new applications of artificial intelligence. However, many systems are now learning from experience and taking action beyond what they were originally programmed for. At the same time, great hopes and fears are raised.

What can artificial intelligence do today? Does this herald the end of human primacy in the world? How meaningful are the questions about the consciousness or free will of machines? About this in the recording of the program which guests were:

  • Petros Psyllos - electronics engineer, programmer and science popularizer.
  • Jan Szuster - an engineer and inventor who wants to make life easier for the blind.
  • Andrzej Pacek, an entrepreneur from Janów Podlaski, a man who focuses only on Polish products and modern solutions.
  • dr Maciej Kawecki, Rector of WSB University.

I invite you to listen to the entire conversation. Link to the broadcast:,Sztuczna-inteligencja-Zagrozenie-czy-udogodnienie