AI School

As part of my activities I try to popularize the active use of artificial intelligence. Currently we are dealing with the generation of artificial intelligence - young people who were born in a world where artificial intelligence is everywhere... In my opinion, education in this field is essential. The basis for the development of AI in Poland is proper education of entrepreneurs who are still not very familiar with AI. The potential creators of intelligent algorithms also need to be well-prepared to do their future proffesional tasks. However, I am afraid that it is far too late to apply for AI education at the stage of academics studies. AI skills must be taught much earlier at the elementary school stage and even at the kindergarten. During this period, the plasticity of the brain is bigger and we can achieve much better results then. Showing young people the possibility of active and good use of artificial intelligence is basic challenge.

For this you need to understand what artificial intelligence is.

For several years I have been conducting workshops on artificial intelligence for students of primary and junior high schools. As the part of their curriculum, they become acquainted with AI and constractions of robots or with simple electronic devices. I also work with NASK to create courses in artificial intelligence that help students to learn about this fascinating field.