Lem's 100th Anniversary Video Project with Facebook and Make Life Harder chanel
Stanisław Lem - a philosopher, writer, futurologist and visionary. In his works, he considered the problems of human nature and tried to find an answer to the question, what is the place of man in the universe. As early as in 1964, he wrote Summa Technologiae - a groundbreaking treatise on the future of man and the consequences of technological development.
In his work, Lem foresaw the emergence of, among others, the Internet, e-books, social robots, tablets and smartphones, 3D printing, Smart Dust, virtual reality (phantomatics), artificial intelligence, or technologies allowing us to deeply improve our bodies.
He always emphasized that man should come first because technology is a good servant but a bad master.
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Lem's birth, together with Facebook app and Make life harder, We decided to take a gander at 3 of his visions.
I prepared 3 short lectures on:

   - The possibility of creating an electronic poet (reference - Cyberiad, Trurl's Electribal),
   - The cyborgization of man (the radio play Do you exist Mr Jones?, I talked about the world's first cyborg, Peter Scott-Morgan, and his initiatives),
   - Social robots (Tales of Pirx the Pilot, The Dissertation).

What has already come true, and what will soon come true?
The materials will be available on the Make Life Harder channel (IG + FB, approximately 1 million ++ followers).