Rafał Brzoska Foundation meeting

On January 10, 2022, a meeting of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation was held, where I have the pleasure of being a mentor. The hosts of the event - the President of the foundation, Rafał Brzoska (InPost S.A.), together with his wife, and at the same time the Vice-President of the foundation, Omena Mensah, invited the RBF charges and their mentors to Villa Intrata. Later, there was a meeting with US Ambassador Marek Brzezinski at the U.S. Embassy.

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What is Metaverse and what will be the future of the Internet? Interview on TVP Morning Show

Metaverse - a world of virtual reality. According to Bill Gates, meetings in the Metaverse will soon become our everyday life. It will be a place where virtual and physical reality will overlap.
Using special VR equipment, we will be able to participate in virtual meetings, tours, learn, play, shop and much more. So what is Metaverse and how does it work?
What might the future of the Internet look like? Won't this kind of solution harm us?
(After all, people are reading fewer and fewer books, and our thinking is increasingly tied only to information delivered directly to our senses - mostly in the form of audiovisual experiences, and there will be even more of that in virtual reality).

The link to the conversation is below:


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Interview in Business Insider

A link to an interview with me can be found here: LINK. We talk about Polish start-ups, problems of innovation and the development of AI.

I am an ambassador for SkillUp Academy

I encourage you to take a course at the SkillUp Academy during Digital Festival. The Academy is a unique platform with free training that shows you how to successfully navigate the digital world. On the site, you'll find a wide range of courses on a variety of topics. It's a chance to gain simple digital skills or supplement your current knowledge.

As an ambassador of the Academy I prepared for you a short lecture about social robots. Do not wait and start your chosen training today!

 ➡️ And here [LINK] to my lecture.

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Influencers give their social media to scientists on the 100th anniversary of Stanisław Lem's birth

An article about my cooperation with Facebook and Make Life Harder regarding the preparation of 3 "lecturers" on the vision of Stanisław Lem.

The lectures covered:

- generative art. I talked about the creative possibilities of computers in reference to Stanisław Lem's vision of the Electrybalt.
- Human cyborgization. I talked about current work in this field, citing the example of the world's first cyborg, Peter Scott-Morgan. I referred to brain transplantation in Lem's Dialogues.
- social robots. With reference to Lem's Tales of Pirx the Pilot, I presented the current state of knowledge and research in the field of social robots.


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A conversation about AI during the Festiwal Gory Literatury organized by Nobel Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk

On July 18, 2021, I had a speech at the Festiwal Gory Literatury festival, organized by the Nobel laureate Olga Tokarczuk. The event has been held cyclically since 2015 in the city and commune of Nowa Ruda, at the foot of the Owl Mountains. Together with Jarosław Kuźniaar, we talked about whether artificial intelligence in literature is an enemy or a partner. We also referred to the project Not so artificial intelligence, under which I generated, using AI, e.g. novels in the style of Olga Tokarczuk. AI's stories were read by famous Polish actor, Janusz Chabior: https://voicehouse.co/audycje/nie-taka-sztuczna-inteligencja/

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What will happen in 100 years? Interview on Pytanie na śniadanie morning show
A video of my speech can be found here: LINK
Predicting the future in detail is impossible, although sometimes there have been visions that have roughly come true. Such was the case with a popular Polish daily newspaper that 100 years ago predicted what the year 2022 would look like. For example, the death of the printed press was to occur: "In a hundred years, books and newspapers will no longer be printed. They will be published on a cinema screen. Education will take place on a screen. There will be schools-cinemas and cinemas-libraries".
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Microsoft Envision Forum - my speech

I cordially invite you to take part in the largest Microsoft business event in Poland - Microsoft Envision Forum. Envision will be a guide to the world of safe innovations and digital transformations that are the foundation for the development of modern companies from various industry environments.
During the event, I will present my social robot and talk about my AI research, accelerating automation and the vision of the stores of the future - no cash, no queues and no cashiers, but with robots.

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The story "Evil" generated by AI based on the books of Nobel Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk

"They're weird and twisted. They have their own way of talking and thinking. They are stuck in the past. They are never satisfied with their physical self." Together with VoiceHouse and in cooperation with the Olga Tokarczuk Foundation, I taught artificial neural networks the works of Olga Tokarczuk and had them write their own story based on that. Is an artificial intelligence able to write a literary text based on the best of the best? See for yourself! Link below!

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Artificial intelligence writes stories in the style of Olga Tokarczuk's Nobel Prize winner

Continuation of our experiment with Voice House, in which I am responsible for the technical side ??. We wanted to create a cyberpoet, a modernized Elektrybałt from S. Lem's Cyberiad ? So I started AI, which learned to write its own stories by "reading" 9 novels by Olga Tokarczuk. In the next step, AI generated completely new stories: about GOOD and EVIL. The first one is at the link below! What do you think about it?

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