Lecture on new technologies during Poznań Motor Show 2019 (BMW)

On 28th and 29th March 2019 I conducted lectures during the Poznań Motor Show 2019. The audience were BMW brand customers, and the material concerned technologies characteristic for the 4th industrial revolution. I talked about artificial intelligence, Blockchain, cloud computing, Internet of Things (Internet of Things), quantum computers, chatbots, neuromorphic chips, as well as the idea of transhumanism.

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Petros Psyllos: I do not attach importance to rankings

source: Polish Radio Jedynka

Petros Psyllos is a 24-year-old inventor who was recognized in the Forbes ranking as one of the top 30 European innovators. - I do not attach importance to rankings, these are only awards - he says. Currently, Petros Psyllos is working on artificial intelligence.

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Petros Psyllos received prestigious international awards

source:  Bialystok University of Technology, pb.edu.pl

The title of Ambassador of Polish Invention, certificates of IFIA (International Federation of Inventors Associations) and WIIPA (World Inventive Intellectual Property Associations), as well as the diploma of the Minister of Science and Higher Education was awarded to Petros Psyllos.

A student of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Bialystok University of Technology was awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of inventiveness in the years 2016/2017 on the international arena and "MATIA - an autonomous vision system for the blind."

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Discover the story of Psyllosoft - promotional video of European Funds

source: European Founds

European Funds support Polish entrepreneurs on the path to innovation and success. They support them at all stages of development - on local, regional, national and international markets. Thanks to them the Psyllosoft company has developed, whose inventions help among others blind people. How do the success of those who benefited from the Funds see their loved ones? Get to know the story of a student and inventor - the founder of Psyllosoft.

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New Europe 100: eastern Europe’s emerging technology stars [Financial Times] - Petros Psyllos as one of 100 best challengers in Central and Eastern Europe

for: Financial Times

The challengers were selected by Res Publica, Google, Visegrad Fund and the Financial Times. The 2017 New Europe 100 is the fourth annual list of central and eastern Europe’s brightest and best citizens who are changing the region’s societies, politics or business environments and displaying fresh approaches to prevailing problems.

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A student of the Białystok University of Technology on the list of the most talented Poles [Onet]

source: Onet.pl

Petros Psyllos, a student at Białystok University of Technology, was on the list of 30 most talented Poles who were under 30 years of age, according to the Polish Forbes ranking. Previously, he was already in the "30 Under 30" of the American edition of the magazine. Petros is the constructor of MATIA's artificial eye.

Psyllos is a 23-year-old innovator with Polish-Greek roots. "MATIA System" is his most famous achievement. This is a mobile device for the blind and visually impaired. Serves them for orientation in space. Recognizes objects and obstacles, detects and analyzes situations that may be a threat to them.

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A student from Bialystok will shake the world. He created an "artificial eye" for the blind - VIEDO

for: Fakt.pl

Piotr Psyllos is 23 years old and studies at the Białystok University of Technology. He is a constructor and creator of inventions for the blind. Petros is appreciated by foreign magazines such as the American "Forbes", who recognized him as one of the top 30 European innovators. Talent of the 23-year-old also appreciated the Polish "Playboy", who placed him on the list of 30 men who shake the world before 30.

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The Inventor

for: news.microsoft.com

Imagine Cup alumni Petros Psyllos of Poland was featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for designing a wearable that lets the blind interpret their surroundings through audio messages.

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Inteligencia artificial para que las personas ciegas reconozcan lo que les rodea - VIDEO

za: elFuturoEsOne

Petros Psyllos tiene planta de líder de boy band, edad para serlo y desparpajo ante los medios. Recientemente incluso inauguró un canal de YouTube. Pero Petros no dedica su tiempo -al menos profesionalmente- a la música pop. A sus 23 años, este polaco de origen griego es uno de los jóvenes científicos más prometedores de Europa. Su talento ha llamado la atención de Forbes

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Petros Psyllos in American Forbes ranking - 30 Under 30 Europe

for: ellines.com

Petros Psyllos is a designer and a computer scientist. He is recognized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Review as one of the brightest young inventors in Poland. Forbes magazine chose him the 2017 list 30 Under 30 Europe that spotlights the young elite and spans ten diverse categories.

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Psyllos in WP TV [VIEDO]

for: WP TV

He is 22 years old, and is already creating inventions that can help, for example, the blind. Petros Psyllos - student at Bialystok University of Technology.

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