Microsoft Envision Forum - my speech

I cordially invite you to take part in the largest Microsoft business event in Poland - Microsoft Envision Forum. Envision will be a guide to the world of safe innovations and digital transformations that are the foundation for the development of modern companies from various industry environments.
During the event, I will present my social robot and talk about my AI research, accelerating automation and the vision of the stores of the future - no cash, no queues and no cashiers, but with robots.

• When: March 17 (tomorrow) at 10.00-13.00
• Registration link:
The event will be accompanied by 3 discussion panels:
"Barriers and trends - Technological transformation of companies in Poland",
"Many industries, one customer domain" i
"Organizational culture and competences, or how a learning organization increases its competitiveness on the market".
The speakers will include:
Mark Loughran - General Manager of the Polish branch of Microsoft
Brad Smith - President, Microsoft
Jean-Philippe Courtois - Executive Vice President, Microsoft
Jared Spataro - Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
Charles Lamanna - Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
James Eckart - Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft
And in addition: fire-chats (1: 1 conversations - C-level interlocutors), case studies of clients, interviews with industry leaders and specialists about proven solutions, implemented strategies and conclusions from recent months, as well as customer needs and available technologies.