About AI on Radio Nowy Świat ?

Artificial intelligence and other modern technologies can lead to a conscious Life 3.0 that can design its organs and modify software itself. According to some, a new form of life will appear in this century, which has caused a lot of controversy. Three camps were established - technosceptics, digital utopians, and the movement for the benevolent artificial intelligence. The former think that creating a superhuman AI is impossible and there is no need to worry about Life 3.0 because fear of the appearance of deadly robots is like worrying about overpopulation on Mars.

Digital utopians believe it will be possible already in this century and they look forward to Life 3.0. The movement for benevolent artificial intelligence also believes that such a life is likely to arise in this century and points out that it is worth investing in research on the security of these systems and creating a humanistic version of AI from the very beginning. Therefore, already today the discussion on these topics is very important, because according to many experts, the possible effects of the emergence of a strong, out-of-the-man artificial intelligence will have a greater impact on our reality than climate change, war, terrorism, poverty and migration.

Of course, today we do not have the so-called strong artificial intelligence, but its weaker version is already present in our environment and may in the near future significantly improve the quality of our life - starting with the conditions of personal life, the functioning of financial markets and energy networks, and ending with saving lives and enabling the development of human full potential from the moment of birth, until later old age. Only in a few decades we may be able to build artificial intelligence at the human level, which will cause an explosion of intelligence. If a group uses this explosion of intelligence properly, it will even be able to take over the world.

It all depends, therefore, on whether the artificial intelligence will go into the hands of the good Batman or the Joker, who will use it for evil purposes. The emergence of strong artificial intelligence and Life 3.0. it may be the best or worst thing that will happen to humanity. Everything depends on us. These topics are very important and I am glad that we were able to discuss them with Mateusz Andruszkiewicz in the Monday broadcast on Radio Nowy Świat. We talked, among others about AI methods, positive and negative effects of technology development, strong artificial intelligence, technological peculiarity (i.e. the moment when artificial intelligence is born that is intellectually superior to people), computer creativity and the future of music generated by AI.

Of course, let the power of artificial intelligence be with you!