A conversation about AI during the Festiwal Gory Literatury organized by Nobel Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk

On July 18, 2021, I had a speech at the Festiwal Gory Literatury festival, organized by the Nobel laureate Olga Tokarczuk. The event has been held cyclically since 2015 in the city and commune of Nowa Ruda, at the foot of the Owl Mountains. Together with Jarosław Kuźniaar, we talked about whether artificial intelligence in literature is an enemy or a partner. We also referred to the project Not so artificial intelligence, under which I generated, using AI, e.g. novels in the style of Olga Tokarczuk. AI's stories were read by famous Polish actor, Janusz Chabior: https://voicehouse.co/audycje/nie-taka-sztuczna-inteligencja/