Petros Psyllos on Polish TV Morning Show, 5.11.2019

When was the Internet born? What is its role in the modern world? What is the idea of the Internet of Things about? Is children's addiction to social networking sites dangerous and what can it lead to? We discuss these topics in the Question for Breakfast TV Show on November 5, 2019.

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Interview in Polish Television on the use of chips

In the Saturday episode of Questions for Breakfast in Polish National TV, On October 26, 2019, together with Marzena Rogalska and Tomasz Kammel I talked about chipping and cyborgization of a human. I gave practical examples of the use of chips, which, for example, allow blind people to see. The link to the material is below. I invite you to watch!

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Artificial intelligence. Threat or amenity? Interview on Polish Radio

source: Polskie Radio 24

Recently, there are more and more reports in the media about new skills and new applications of artificial intelligence. However, many systems are now learning from experience and taking action beyond what they were originally programmed for. At the same time, great hopes and fears are raised.

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Will robots take our work from us? Inventor Piotr Psyllos and Beata Tadla [video]

source: Radio ZET

- All you need is 300 likes on Facebook for artificial intelligence to know more about us than the wife - said Piotr Psyllos, inventor, innovator, programmer in the broadcast of Beata Tadla. This is the weekend at Radio ZET. Artificial intelligence, which we are afraid of, already surrounds us - convinced the inventor Piotr Psyllos in an interview with Beata Tadla on Radio ZET. Find out the current state of artificial intelligence development and what awaits us in the future.

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Interview for the Greek portal

Interview for the Greek portal Lifo - one of the most popular newspapers in Greece. The conversation concerned my work, the importance of artificial intelligence, the future of robotization, the digital revolution, start-ups, data, the 4th industrial revolution, changes in the labor market and my plans in the field of modern technologies. I invite you to read!

Ο Πέτρος Ψύλλος βοηθά τους ανθρώπους με προβλήματα όρασης χάρη στην τεχνητή νοημοσύνη Μια συζήτηση για το παρόν και το μέλλον της ρομποτικής και της τεχνητής νοημοσύνης με τον νεαρό computer scientist που μπήκε στη λίστα «30 Under 30» του περιοδικού Forbes για το πρότζεκτ «MATIA».

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Artifical Intelligence from Białystok


Petros Psyllos from University of Technology in Białystok created artifical intelligence robot, which is a physical avatar of him and can even imitate his voice. You must see, how amazing it is!  Petros was recognised by #Forbes as one of the top 30 most important European innovators.

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Interview in Dzień Dobry TVN morning show

source: Dzien Dobry TVN

Not so long ago, artificial intelligence (AI) appeared only in science fiction books and films. Today it becomes a reality and is already used in many areas of our lives. How does artificial intelligence work? In the Good Morning TVN studio we hosted Piotr Psyllos, who came to us with his alter ego - Polbot.

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Petros Psyllos: I do not attach importance to rankings

source: Polish Radio Jedynka

Petros Psyllos is a 24-year-old inventor who was recognized in the Forbes ranking as one of the top 30 European innovators. - I do not attach importance to rankings, these are only awards - he says. Currently, Petros Psyllos is working on artificial intelligence.

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Petros Psyllos received prestigious international awards

source:  Bialystok University of Technology,

The title of Ambassador of Polish Invention, certificates of IFIA (International Federation of Inventors Associations) and WIIPA (World Inventive Intellectual Property Associations), as well as the diploma of the Minister of Science and Higher Education was awarded to Petros Psyllos.

A student of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Bialystok University of Technology was awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of inventiveness in the years 2016/2017 on the international arena and "MATIA - an autonomous vision system for the blind."

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Discover the story of Psyllosoft - promotional video of European Funds

source: European Founds

European Funds support Polish entrepreneurs on the path to innovation and success. They support them at all stages of development - on local, regional, national and international markets. Thanks to them the Psyllosoft company has developed, whose inventions help among others blind people. How do the success of those who benefited from the Funds see their loved ones? Get to know the story of a student and inventor - the founder of Psyllosoft.

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