He helps the blind. University Student appreciated in Paris [Onet.pl]

za: Onet

After unveiling a mobile device for the blind, he returned with prestigious awards. The invention made by a student from the Białystok University of Technology made a splash in the French capital.
The young inventor from the Białystok University of Technology wants to help the blind and visually impaired. His project Matia,

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Piotr Psyllos in "Name That Tune" special episode [TVP1] - VIDEO

za: TVP1 / Jaka to melodia?

In this Sunday, I will be the guest in "Jaka to melodia?" - in Polish Television, channel 1.

They are young, talented and conquer the world! This Sunday we invite you to a meeting with a young, talented Poles who there is the famous Poland in the world... There will be good music and great fun!

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Psyllos in "Świat się kręci" [TVP1]

for: TVP1 / Świat się kręci

In today's program, brilliant Petros Psyllos presented their inventions that help everyday people dumb and blind . Robert Gawliński with his son in a conversation about how much they owe girls, and Viktor Shenderovich on whether it pays to mock authority. On our stage band Wilki.


"Świat się kręci" - Polish entertainment TV program genre - talk show, aired live from 2 September 2013 to 10 June 2016 in Polish Television, channel 1.

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