I am open to technical (electronic and IT projects) and commercial cooperation. I am currently working on electronic projects financed from EU funds, which I run with external companies.

I have placed examples of projects that I have implemented so far in the PROJECTS tab.

I can help in projects related to: digital and analog electronics, IoT, embedded systems (AVR / STM32), robotics, machine learning, chatbots, mobile applications and others. I invite you to contact me.

From time to time I leave the laboratory to share my knowledge with others, which I like very much. I run lectures, trainings and workshops on topics that match my interests. I think that popularizing science is very important. We live in a dynamically changing world - if we can't keep up with technological changes, we will be like Aborigines who shoot arches at flying drones, thinking that devils are flying. Information on my former speeches can be found in the TALKS tab.

Until now, I have lectures, presentations and programs, cooperating, among others, with: ING Bank Śląski, Noble Bank, Scientific and Academic Computer Network National Research Institute (NASK IT School), GlaxoSmithKline, The Economist, Ministry of Investment and Development, Polish Television, BMW, Gazeta Wyborcza, Białystok University of Technology, Saint-Gobain Weber, Office Polish Patent, University of Bialystok, Opole Center for Economic Development, Digital Youth Forum, Event Industry Association etc.

Sample topics of lectures:

  • How do modern technologies change our world?
    How will modern technologies (such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Smart City, Blockchain, chatbots, social robots, quantum computers, neuromorphic computers, augmented and virtual reality and others) change our world? What are the recent developments in these areas? In what direction will research on these technologies go and what can we expect in a few years?
  • Is this happening yet? 
    In the lecture I analyze the dynamically changing technological reality through the prism of pop culture. I present visions with, among others SF films and show the connections between film themes and the world in which we live or will live. Are the technologies presented in the movies already present today? Is it really the way it is shown in the movies? If not, when will the vision become real? What technology has or will affect our lives? Will its use bring benefits or mere poverty? It will be an attempt to answer these questions based on current scientific publications and other available data.
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence
    What is computational intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning? History of artificial intelligence, the first electronic brain model. Current research on artificial intelligence and methods used. How do they work? Where are they used? Is machine rebellion possible? When will the machines become aware?
  • How do the algorithms control us?
    We generate more and more different types of data. In 2012, the average person on Earth generated about 500 MB of data. Already in 2022 there will be almost 120 times more data! Thanks to Big data and various methods of artificial intelligence, we get a powerful tool that increasingly affects and decides our lives. These intelligent algorithms usually make life easier for many people, but when they are in the wrong hands they can harm us, which I will show on specific examples. In the lecture about profiling based on digital footprints (in the context of Donald Trump's election campaign), predicting people's behavior using machine learning methods, targeted marketing, recommendation systems (people are bogged down in the ruts of their thinking), assessment of insurance risk.
  • The labor market in the era of artificial intelligence
    Automation will make many professions disappear. What professions are future-proof? Where can machines never replace a man? The development of artificial intelligence and the leisure industry, care for the elderly, devices helping the elderly (an autonomous car will take you to the doctor, an autonomous housework will clean the house), guaranteed basic income.
  • Cyborg man - the next stage of evolution, ending the era of animal development
    Human cyborgization, the idea of transhumanism. Memory prostheses, mind reading (it is already!), Deep brain stimulation, brain-computer interfaces. About current and future solutions.
  • A computer artist
    Creative computers - computer and art, generative art, A.I. vs copyright and patents.
  • How to create an artificial mind?

I can also prepare a lecture especially for a given event (e.g. working with BMW I focused on technologies used in the automotive industry). You can also lecture online (Skype).

Workshops and trainings:

  • How do smart algorithms work?
    Introduction to artificial intelligence, practical programming workshops using machine learning methods.
  • Electronics and programming workshop
    Introduction to electronics and microcontroller programming. Designing your own electronic system and etching and soldering of printed circuits. uC programming in C language.